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Honoring Life

Phil has been a Funeral Director for many years, serving hundreds of families throughout Worcester County. With his comforting approach, attention to detail, genuine sincerity combined with many years of experience, Phil has considerable value to offer the families we serve.

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Philip G. Haddad, Jr., Funeral Director

Philip G. Haddad, Jr., Funeral Director

"Having initially worked for Miles many years ago under the care and direction of Dorothy Miles, I learned long ago that a family does not get a second chance to say good-bye to a loved one. We must honor the faith and trust given to us as funeral directors to accomplish every wish to the last exact details and requests families expect and rightfully deserve." 

In 2014, Miles Funeral Home welcomed Philip G. Haddad, Jr. back to our team. Phil's objective at Miles is to be the acting Funeral Director for Orthodox Funeral Services for families in Worcester County. 

Phil became licensed as a funeral director in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1967. Having lived in the Worcester County area for most of his life; and having studied the Traditions, Customs, Practices and Rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church dating back for centuries; he had the honor of consulting and interviewing Hierarchs of numerous Eastern Orthodox Jurisdictions throughout the United States and the Middle East. During this time, he amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience as it pertains to specific customs and traditions within the Eastern Orthodox Community essential in assisting families at the time of a loss and in preparation for the passing of a loved one.

During his 32 year federal government career, Phil traveled throughout the United States having visited more than 200 Orthodox Churches and Missions, speaking with clergy, bishops, and hierarchs of numerous Orthodox Jurisdictions. Phil also created and founded Westland Perpetual Trust, Inc. in 1987 (later to become known as the Westland Companies) in an effort to reach out to families wishing to 'respectfully remember' their departed loved ones.

As president of the Counsel of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts, Phil was a founder of the Orthodox Section at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, Massachusetts. Also in his role as President and member of the Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches, Phil became an incorporator of the Eastern Orthodox Management Corporation, which founded the Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Worcester opening its doors to the Orthodox Community in 1994. He also served as the first president of Holy Trinity Nursing Home's Board of Directors. 

In addition to bringing exceptional passion and attention to each family, Phil has gone one step beyond, making himself and Miles Funeral Home a substantial resource to Orthodox families. Miles is honored to incorporate a newly designed resource center regarding the Customs, Traditions, Practices, and Rituals within the Eastern Orthodox Community. 

Each religious entity has its own specific customs, traditions, and beliefs. In order to adequately and accurately assist families at their time of need, we must be aware of, sensitive to, and prepared to demonstrate our knowledge of these specific customs, traditions, practices, and rituals to families that may or may not be aware of them as they deal with the loss of a loved one for the first (1st) time.

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